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Pereira Pastures Dairy prides itself on providing your family with fresh, wholesome, raw milk produced from our healthy, grass fed herd of Jersey & Guernsey cows.


There is nothing quite like real, whole milk. Milk from Jersey cattle is possibly the richest, best tasting milk in the world! Jerseys produce the highest quality milk for human food. A glass of Jersey milk has greater nutritional value than a glass of average milk: 20% more quality protein and 15% more calcium.


Jersey milk will yield more cheese (from 20% to 25%), butter (over 30% more) and nonfat dry milk (almost 10%) than average milk, and at a lower cost per pound of product. Jerseys produce less waste for producers to deal with (about 32% less manure and 28% less total nitrogen per cow per day than the larger breeds), and leave the cheese maker with less “white water” to dispose of.


A naturally concentrated milk that meets today’s requirements for quality, efficiency, and environmental friendliness.


Pereira Pastures Dairy is proud to announce that we are now offering Tamworth Pork. Select Tamworth piglets are also available.

Now known as a Heritage Breed, the first Tamworths were brought to the United States in 1882 by Thomas Bennett of Rossville, Illinois. During the next five years many other Tamworths were imported into Canada, and hogs from the Canadian importations and others from England have found their way into the United States.


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Select Tamworth Piglets offered for sale.

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Tamworth hogs are very deep-sided hogs and are uniform in their depth of side. They carry a strong, uniform arch of back, and while not as wide of back as hogs of the thicker breeds, they do have a very muscular top and a long rump. The ham is muscular and firm.


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